Mariposa Tote

Mariposa Tote

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Our new, handwoven Mariposa Tote is a stunning masterpiece! Made from high-quality fabrics from Guatemala with acid-free dyes, these bags are sure to be a gorgeous piece to go with any outfit, for any occasion!

Featuring genuine leather straps, an interior zip pocket, brightly-colored lining, a zip closure, and unique patterns - these totes are a true work of art. These bags were handwoven on a pedal loom with traditional ikat fabric (traditionally used for the skirts of Guatemalan women) to ensure the most beautiful designs.

16''W x 12''H x 4''W
Fully lined
Zip closure
100% cotton
Genuine Leather strap

Your purchase supports and provides jobs for a self-run cooperative of women in La Esperanza, Guatemala and sustains an elementary school and daycare for their children.

Made in Guatemala.