Kalamkari Shoulder Bag

Kalamkari Shoulder Bag

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Lightweight and functional boat-shaped shoulder bag available in assorted kalamkari prints. Comes with an inside zipper pocket and zip top closing. Check with store for available colors.

Kalamkari is the art of painting cotton fabrics with a kalam (“kalam” means pen and “kari” art). A sharp pointed bamboo stick padded with hair or cotton and tied with a string on one end to regulate the flow of color. Vegetable dyes are used to color the designs. The art of painting using organic dyes on cloth is popular in several parts of India. Once painted, the fabric is dipped in myrobalam a solution of milk and water that makes the dye permanent.

Size: 4.5"w x 10"h x 13"w
Shoulder Strap: 23"l
Size: 2.5"d x 7"l x 8"w
Strap Length : 46"

Your purchase helps socially marginalized women (destitute, HIV affected, or physically challenged) to find a better way of life.

Made in India.