Bojo Fringe Necklace
Bojo Fringe Necklace

Bojo Fringe Necklace

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Our Boho Fringe Necklace can be paired with our Boho Fringe Earrings or with a simple earring as the perfect piece for your cozy, but fun fall look. Made by our group of artisans in Nanyuki, Kenya, each necklace features brown suede fringes, a brass ring, wire, and hooks, complimented by white, turquoise, and gold beads.  

Measures 22.7 inches long.

Thank you for supporting Grain of Rice Project with your purchase!

Grain of Rice Project is a non-profit organization that empowers Kenyans through education and training initiatives in Jesus' name.  They are based in a small village near Nanyuki, working to provide opportunities to help people overcome hardships of deep poverty. Over 20 artisans create handcrafted products that help them to earn a living wage and support their families, and the Grain of Rice Academy is providing quality Christian education to children in the area. Grain of Rice Project strives to do small things to empower people that will add up to make a big difference in their lives and will in turn spill over and make a difference in the lives of others around them. Join them in tipping the scale!
Made in Kenya.