Bible Verse Tea Sampler
Bible Verse Tea Sampler

Bible Verse Tea Sampler

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This sampler of herbal teas gives you a taste of 6 delicious tea blends wrapped in Bible-inspired pouches.

The set includes:
Flavor: Tea With Nonna (Caramel Rooibos Tea) - Psalm 46:1 Ingredients: Rooibos tea, rose petals, blue cornflowers, natural almond flavor, natural caramel flavor, natural creme flavor, natural vanilla flavor -------

Flavor: Green Tea Mango - Psalm 2:11 Ingredients: Green Tea, Natural Mango Flavor, Apple Pieces, Mango Pieces, Marigold Flowers -------

Flavor: Peppermint Tea - Matthew 17:20 Ingredients: Peppermint Leaf -------

Flavor: Autumn Chai - Lamentations 3:22-23 Ingredients: Honeybush tea, cinnamon bark, cardamom, ginger root, cocoa nibs, natural pumpkin spice flavor, safflower -------

Flavor: Just Peachy (Peach Black Tea) - Hebrews 6:19 Ingredients: Black tea, natural peach flavor, apricots, marigold flowers, and apple pieces -------

Flavor: Pina Colada Herbal Tea - Proverbs 11:25 Ingredients: rose hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, dried coconut, natural pineapple flavor, pineapple pieces, natural coconut flavor
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Little Prayer Tea Co was founded with the firm belief that prayer can heal, comfort, bring joy, love, and strength to all, and in a parallel way, they believe that tea has the same characteristics. As prayer supports spiritual health, tea supports physical health. They operate with the mission of prayer, tea, and giving back to the communitea.
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